Release Notes

0.2.0 – 28/12/2021
  • Introduced free movement mode, meaning that once all Monsters are dead in a room, Heroes won’t take turns to move and movement won’t count as an action, but instead can move freely, while respecting their movement speed.
  • Added a model for the Priest of Driftfall
  • Added extra lighting facing the Heroes in-game and in selection screen
  • Added an extra random Y rotation to all units when spawning
  • Added a maximum range for all weapons and spells
  • Showing the maximum range for all ranged weapons on the floor 
  • Restored the hovering outline
  • Prevent players to make multiple attacks by clicking too fast
  • Fixed an issue where dungeons in some levels got light bleed from the outside directional light 
  • Updated the Gorrot animations and made the Monster slower.
  • Made keys non-discardable to prevent players from accidentally or purposefully discarding them and thus being unable to finish a level.
  • Units can only attack once
  • Sneak now costs an action
0.1.1 – 24/12/2020
  • Changed the camera from orthographic to perspective with a very narrow FOV.
  • Enhanced the camera boundaries to limit the camera movement and show only the level
  • Fixed an issue where some doors won’t open as expected.
0.1.0 – 18/12/2020
Initial beta release.
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