Heroes & Monsters

A Turn-Based Fantasy RPG

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Exactly one year ago, in our free time (which was mostly weekends for a couple of hours), we began developing a top-down isometric turn-based RPG game with Unity. Our goal was to have a playable prototype version within 3 months, and a full beta within a year. Development kept going and after 12 months of somewhat hard work, we finally made it to the first beta build of this game! There were a few in between alpha releases, 0.0.2 to 0.0.5. They are still available if you really want to see the progress. Just drop us a line and we will send you the link.

 In a nutshell it is a turn-based RPG-like game between the Heroes team and the Monsters team. If you ever played XCOM, you will feel right at home from the beginning. At the moment only local multi-player is implemented, where Heroes and Monsters take turns on the same device and battle each other.

Content-wise, only a simple campaign is part of the initial release. We have planned to include expansions and more content. Also, in future releases, we have plans for an AI for single player campaign, as well as we might give a try on the multiplayer across multiple devices (that’s not on the list yet). So fingers crossed.

A side note, as we moved from the built-in render pipeline to the HDRP one; unfortunately OpenGL is not supported for Linux builds yet, only Vulkan, hence the Linux version has an issue with the resolution and quality settings, i.e. you cannot change resolution without restarting the game. Also, note that the Windows binary might be recognised as a virus with some Windows Defender versions. Just make an exception. Same goes for the Mac build; simply open the Security & Privacy panel and under the General tab allow Apps from unidentified publishers.

Have fun and don’t forget to share it with your friends!


Version: 0.2.0 (Release notes)
Released: 29 December 2021

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