OX Tanks

Pick up power ups and destroy before you get destroyed!

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It was implemented during one of our hackathons. It was basically an introduction to Unity3D for some of team members. We cloned the Tanks! Tutorial project from the Unity Asset Store and we put our own twist to it.

Custom Map

The first major twist was that instead of the desert map our office would be the stage. So we had to model that, along with all props that would accompany the setting, such as tables, lamps, monitors, chairs and more.

Tank Classes

Alongside the default attack we introduced four different tank classes with one extra ability with 2 seconds cooldown. The default attack does a maximum damage of 15 HP – varying from where the shell hits on the target. As for the extra abilities for each class, those are:

  • Rocket: A powerful projectile that does a maximum of 50 HP damage on hit.
  • Mine: A land mine that does a maximum of 25 HP damage once the target has stepped on it. The amount of land mines are unlimited.
  • Shotgun: Shoots 5 projectiles in a conal pattern in front of the tank with a maximum range of 15 meters and each projectile doing a maximum of 30 HP damage on hit.
  • Grenade: Shoots 8 projectiles in a circular pattern around the tank with a maximum range of 5 meters and each projectile doing a maximum of 15 HP damage on hit.

New Stats

The next minor thing we changed were the vitals stats. We introduced the armour stat as an extra layer of damage absorption. Each tank start with 100 HP and 0 armour, but it is possible to pick up one of the power ups (yes we introduced power ups!) and gain armour. The maximum armour can’t exceed the 100 mark.

Power Ups

And finally, but certainly not least, we introduced four types of power-ups! Power-ups spawn at random locations during the game for the players to pick-up.

  • Speed: doubles the speed of the tank for a certain amount of time,
  • Double Damage: as the name implies doubles the damage done by the default attack for a certain amount of time
  • Medpack: heals the tank for 25 HP
  • Armour: increases/repairs the armour of a tank for 25 AP (armour points)

All power-ups are non-distinguishable from one another on the visual part (don’t spoil the surprise)  and only apply to the current round.


The player controls are setup as follows:

  • Player 1: WASD for movement, Spacebar for main weapon, left CTRL for special ability
  • Player 2: Arrow keys for movement, Enter for main weapon, right CTRL for special ability

It was an interesting project to work on and made the learning process of the engine fun. Below you can find the download links. Don’t forget to share it with your friends!


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